The Wine List

In the same way the menus change with the season so does the wine list. In the summer the lighter, crisper wines match the lighter more delicate dishes whereas in the winter wines need to be slightly richer with stronger characters to complement the more wholesome dishes. The intention is to also to ensure the wine list unites both the classics and well loved favourites with more innovative and unusual wines. There is a large collection of New World wines, a well-rounded selection of half bottles.

Paul and Lisa are as passionate about the wine offering as they are about the food and often pick up some interesting finds on their travels around the world.  They are extremely proud to be still listing their own personal Rioja Reserva from the Altanza winery in Rioja. They met the wine producers in 2009 on a trip to Spain, with a mutual respect and a love for their wine they brought home their first barrel of wine for the restaurant.  Towards the end of 2015, their sixth barrel of Rioja Reserva arrived, a 2008 vintage which is as good as ever.

As ever, their commitment is to keep evolving as a restaurant, one of these aspects is to change and update the wine list regularly, to stay on the lookout for new and exciting wines. Recent additions see a very exciting Pinot Noir from the Patrick Sullivan winery in Yarra Valley, Patrick is a fascinating winemaker and believes in minimal intervention, his wines are delicious!  look out for his wine, 'Fruits of the Sky'

With all these choices the "Deciding Time" before a meal becomes extremely useful.