Our Menus

There is a strong emphasis placed on the importance of quality raw ingredients at Wedgwood. Paul is continually improving his offering and the list of suppliers is forever developing this despite resulting in increasing time spent on logistics.

Whilst the menu is adapted on a daily basis to encompass availability of certain products it has a complete overhaul four times a year in line with the seasons. The menu is designed to complement what each time of year has to offer and using the finest seasonal produce.

With such an interesting menu it is not surprising that many find it difficult to make a quick decision and prefer to take their time and ponder over the menu. As a result Wedgwood the Restaurant has introduced “Deciding Time”. Deciding Time consists of a selection canapés accompanied by a glass of champagne.

Foraged foods such as salad leaves and herbs put in a regular appearance on Wedgwood the Restaurant’s menu. Zoologist and Forager Ben Robertson is the man behind most of these as he goes in search of interesting, often very unusual, but above all sustainable herbs and other foods for Paul’s interesting dishes.  Paul can also often be found foraging for that extra special ingredient in the woods and on the river banks around Edinburgh.